Tuesday 17 March

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    John: Several of the committee have already said they will not be attending. The committee would appreciate your input on how we should respond to this situation.


    Please look at the latest official advice as to whether you should attend the band practice tomorrow (16 March). We are being asked not to go to pubs, clubs etc and to avoid social situations. I think we will need to cancel band practices for some time. The committee will let you know by email if we are definitely cancelling 16 March.


    Thanks for setting this up John. Sorry to hear your news Robin. I think it’s all very scary. If people decide not to attend the practice I would be happy to contact Julie ( lady in charge of opening up British Legion Club) and explain the situation to her.Or maybe one of the committee already has this in hand.
    Keep safe everyone


    I’m sorry to confirm that we have cancelled tonight’s practice (17 March) and subsequent practices and ceilidhs until the official advice about social distancing is no longer in effect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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