Together again

Redheughers together again

After 16 months of limited activity due to Covid we are finally playing together again on a weekly basis!

Its been a challenging time for us all but Robin and Rachael have done a brilliant job providing new and interesting tunes both as dots and recorded “playalong” mp3’s for us to practise, and leading sessions onĀ  zoom.

However its great to be able to have the experience of playing together as a band once again, and hear just how good we sound as an ensemble.

Our meeting venue – the Royal British Legion club, West Jesmond, NE2 3EX – have been fully complying with Covid regs and we’ve all felt very safe with the “hands face space” system.

There is one new innovation that has come out of this difficult time; Rachael has ben able to “televise ” our live meetings on Zoom to make them accessible for members who for any reason cannot be there in person.

New members are always welcome so if you play an instrument (not percussion, sorry) and can play in keys of D & G just contact us and we can give you more information, and some music to get you started.